Nokia Note Max Xtreme 2021: Release Date, Specs, Price & News


Nokia Note Max Xtreme 2021 Release Date, Price, Specs, News information available here. We are really glad to share some details about the most awaited phone from the Nokia family named Nokia Note Max Xtreme. Before you start reading we would like to request you to tighten your seat belts. Because you will find yourselves somewhere else, once you come to the end of this article!

So let’s just not waste your time. It’s better if we talk about the details. We will start with the releasing date of this very special phone!

Nokia Note Max Xtreme 2021 Release Date

Unfortunately, we don’t have any official release date information about the Nokia upcoming smartphone “Note Max Xtreme”. But yes, we can ensure you that, you will get the phone within September 2021.

Nokia Note Max Xtreme 2021
Nokia Note Max Xtreme 2021 – Concept Images

Nokia Note Max Xtreme 2021 Specs

Let’s start talking. What you actually expect from a mobile phone? Trust us, this phone will ensure every single expectation of yours. The very first thing we would like to talk about is the display. The Nokia Note Max Xtreme includes 6.5-inch Super AMOLED with a 4K resolution of 2160 x 3840 pixels. If you have a bit of an idea about measurement then trust us, it’s a huge size for a display. Luckily you will get a Corning Gorilla Glass 7 screen protector for security purposes.

Now let’s share some data about the processor. This phone includes Qualcomm Snapdragon 865 Plus chipset. This much-updated chipset will make your phone super-fast.

Before going for anything else, we would like to talk about the RAM and ROM of this phone. Nokia Note Max Xtreme includes a RAM of 10GB/12GB. So no matter what your phone will be smooth enough. Not only that, but the size of the ROM is also actually huge. Why we are saying that? That’s because this phone includes 256GB/ 512GB ROM. It’s not like, this is the final size. You can increase the size up to 1TB by using a micro SD card.

Nokia Note Max Xtreme 2021: Camera, OS, Battery & Connectivity

Without wasting time, we would like to talk about 64MP primary lens + 32MP secondary shooter + 16MP ultra-wide lens + 8MP depth sensor. So no matter what, you will get a perfect shot. If you are thinking about the selfie camera, then you are being tensed without any reason. Because this phone includes a dual 32MP lens selfie camera. You can even do video calling with this phone.

The operating system of this phone is actually too good and updated. Nokia Note Max Xtreme includes the Android 11 Beta version as Operating System. Undoubtedly you will get a very good service because of the operating system.

We are in the almost last part of this article. Now you might want to know about the powerhouse of this phone. Trust us, it’s something more than enough. Nokia Note Max Xtreme includes an 8000mAh battery cell. This huge size battery is more than enough for you. Even if you go on a long trip, you have to charge it for once. That’s it.

If you are thinking that’s, all the details of this phone, then you are not that right. Because this very updated phone includes 4G Volte, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, GPRS, and many more things.

Nokia Note Max Xtreme Price

Undoubtedly good things deserve a good price. Nokia actually ensured all the best designers and engineers for manufacturing the newest phone of them. That’s why the price is a bit higher. But when you will compare the price with the service you are getting, you will be amazed. The Nokia upcoming smartphone Note Max Xtreme 2021 Price started from $830 ~ €750 ~ Rs. 58900.

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