Nokia XpressMusic NX Pro 2021: Release Date, Price, Features & Specs


Many smartphone lovers are knowing Nokia XpressMusic NX Pro 2021 as Nokia NX Pro 2021! Hello Dear Ladies and gentlemen, here we share all the details of a very new phone from the tech giant Nokia. To be very honest, this phone will allow you to do all the things that you never even imagined. What you will get? Okay, let’s not just make you wait. At the very beginning, we will share the Nokia XpressMusic NX Pro release date, later we will make you know about the specs and price.

Nokia XpressMusic NX Pro 2021: Release Date

The special one from Nokia will be released on 21st July 2021 before the Nokia Play 2 Max Released. Though that’s the final thing which we heard from the Nokia authority. But it’s quite possible for them to change the date.

Nokia XpressMusic NX Pro 2021

Nokia XpressMusic NX Pro 2021 Specs

The most important spec of this phone is that you will be able to use two SIM’s at a time on this phone. So surely that’s a great positive factor of this phone.

Second, this is the network technology of this phone. Nokia XpressMusic NX Pro will run on GSM / CDMA / HSPA / LTE / 5G. No matter how much distance you cross, your phone will remain connected with the network for sure.

Now it’s time for the display. Actually, display plays a great role in the phone. While buying a phone people actually check out the display of a phone and then buy it. That’s why Nokia included a 6.7” Inches Super AMOLED Full Touch Screen Display with this phone. Not just that, the phone includes a Corning Gorilla Glass 7 screen protector. So surely your phone will remain protected.

A processor is something that keeps a phone super-fast and accurate. That’s why this very special phone includes a very new Qualcomm Snapdragon 865 Plus processor for you. So no matter what, your phone will be at great speed while using it. Then the operating system.  This phone runs on an operating system named Android 11. This very latest and very updated operating system will ensure your best use of the phone.

Nokia NX Pro 2021: RAM, ROM, Memory, Camera & Battery Info:

Now we would like to make you know about the storage facility. Surely this phone includes a huge size of storage facility for you. Let’s make the fact more clear. Once you will buy this phone, you will have two options. Because this phone includes 256/512 ROM. So pick the one you actually need. Then the RAM. This phone includes 10/12 GB RAM. To be very honest, that will add a great amount of value to your phone.

If you have a good passion for clicking pictures, then you will just love this phone. Why we are saying this? That’s because this phone offers Quad 64 MP + 32 MP + 13 MP + 8 MP Rear back camera for you. Not just that, this phone also offers a 42 MP Front Camera for you. So click pictures as much as you want through this phone.

In the very last stage, we would like to talk about the battery. The battery is about Li-Polymer 6900 mAh Non-removable battery. Once the phone will get 100%, then it will go longer. Not only that, but the battery also gets recharged within a very short period of time. So your time will be saved for sure.

Nokia XpressMusic NX Pro 2021 Price

The price of this very special Nokia NX Pro 2021 smartphone will start from $935 ~ 61500 INR ~ 126000 PAK ~ 790 EUR. That’s the probable price of this phone.


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